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dabi-dabi dance in horom sasadu

Jailolo Bay Festival is a feast of culture and tourism which are routinely held by the western Halmahera. Several events become highlights Jailolo Bay Festival, such as :

  1. Sigofi ngolo
    sigofi ngoloTo begin Jailolo Bay Festival. Ship convoy with many decorations, music and percussion since the morning will move from Jailolo Bay head to Babua Island that is considered sacred. Ritual Sigofi Ngolo often also…

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Join The Saka New Year Celebration (Nyepi) in Bali

melasti ceremony

Saka new year celebration or commonly known as Nyepi is a religious ceremony Hindus . In Bali you can follow some religious procession was held there by visiting the following locations :
1. Sanur beach

melasti ceremony

Melasti Ceremony

Two days before Nyepi, Hindus carry Melasti ceremony . Melasti Currently , people carrying means praying to the sea. Various means is paraded from the temple to the beach . In…

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5 Indonesia National Park You Must Visit

indonesia endemic species - cendrawasih

Indonesia has many endemic species, some of which are well known in all over the wolrd. You can find Indonesian endemic species in any national park, but this 5 beautiful national park have more than one beautiful species that you have to see it for your self.

So here we go, 5 Indonesia National Park you must visit!!!

1 . Sumatran Tiger : Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park , South Sumatra
indonesia endemic species - sumatran tigerSumatra…

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Ultimate Adventures in Indonesia

surfing g-lang

Make like Tarzan and take on one of these truly original rainforest adventures. One of Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures is here on Indonesia.

Surfing, G-Land, Alas Purwo, East Java, Indonesia

surfing g-lang

Surfers look on as a large wave rolls through G-Land, Indonesia. Image by Krystle Wright / Getty Images

Surfers are no strangers to blazing a trail through the jungle in search of the best breaks…

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The Joy and Hospitality Dayak Tribe in Gantar Dance

gantar dance

Gantar dance is the dance of interaction between youngsters. This dance comes from Dayak tribe Benuaq and Tunjung in West Kutai, East Kalimantan.

This dance symbolizes joy and hospitality Dayak tribe welcomes guests who come to East Kalimantan, either as tourists, investors, or honored guests. Even, the Guests are encouraged to participate dance with the dancers.

Gantar dance movements depict…

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Beautiful blue flame of Ijen Crater

blue flame of ijen crater

blue flame of ijen crater Ijen Crater have the sun rise and stunning green. Not only that, the crater also has a blue flame phenomenon that there are only 2 in the world. One is in Iceland and the other one is in the crater of Ijen, Indonesia.

To be able to see the blue flame, you have to come in the morning precisely at dawn. Only then, you can see the clear blue flame.

Blue fire in the crater is an amazing natural…

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5 Beautiful Lake in West Sumatra

Maninjau Lake

This lake is located in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam regency, West  Sumatra.…

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Serimpi Menggolo Retno Dance

Serimpi  dance is a mythical dance, accompanied by Javanese gamelan music, and staged four female…

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Gending Sriwijaya Dance

The welcome dance from South Sumatra. Inspired by the hospitality of Sriwijaya Kingdom. This dance…

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Central Java Calendar of Events 2014

January | February | March |April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November |

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